Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(the) singularity (release event) will take place on Friday, February 17th

The legendary IAO Core, purveyors of epic noise rock delicacies, perform live in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Lake Merritt Lodge in Oakland, to promote their 23rd album,"(the) singularity". The "songs", newly formed in atom smashers, are like albino dachshunds charging out from the catacombs into the brilliant embrace of the sky which stands for a moment on a guitar string, strung out on the background of something very continuous. ("String theory" need not be altogether esoteric.) You can have the whole enchilada. It awaits you in beckoning repose. As well as download, three physical formats of the album will be available. Alongside the standard CD release, there will be a limited double pack CD including a recording of the acoustic set from January's "(the) singularity (event)". A real treat is in store for all the vinyl junkies out there as "(the) singularity" will also be released on a limited edition vinyl LP. More details will follow soon including an interview with Johannes about the album...All due respect to the following "singularity" incarnations: The Magus (Johannes Ayres); The Reaper (Luke Skeels); Emperor Agni (Corey Christopher); Mistress Fortune (Rimi Ghose); The Jesters (Seofon and Travis T. Cortez); and The Sonne (Kris Force). This ritual is brought to you by IAO Core.

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