Monday, February 27, 2012

(the) singularity (event) 2-17-2012 BiG ELECTRIC CAT

the following is part of an interview I did with "the Wire" on (the) singularity (events) and specifically Big Electric Cat....

""singularity" refers to the emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means, resulting in explosive superintelligence. Since the capabilities of such intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the occurrence of a technological singularity has in the past been seen as an intellectual event horizon, beyond which events could not be predicted or understood. Terrence McKenna once descried the singularity as "the Transcendental Object(at the end of Time)" and this stuck with me. He also speculated that 2012 would be the year of it's arrival. Now, Object relations theory is a psychodynamic theory within psychoanalytic psychology. The theory describes the process of developing a psyche as one grows in relation to the environment. The basis of the theory is that the way we relate to people (and situations) in our adult world was programmed into us by the way we experienced our parents when we were infants and while we grow up.The Self (or subject) relates to Objects in the unconscious. "Objects" can be images (internalized) of one's mother or father. Objects can also be parts of a person, for instance an infant relating to the breast..Objects may be both real or things in one's inner world (one's internalized image of others)..At (these) singularity performances I got to sculpt these "Transcendental Objects" in real time, out of our songs and our visuals, while I was performing. The cues consisted of lighting effects, animation of elements of the set, the mandelbulber program, particle effects, L-systems, and even a big electric cat.. The sound reactive is also important. We used audio analysis to displace textures that then became light projections. Audio was also used for modulating particle dynamics, even the geometry in "Hello little Spark" using a vertex shader. We were getting frame-rates of between 17-60fps rendering stereo at 1024x576.

Part of the fun of being Iao Core these days is being able to choose songs to perform from our back catalog, and/or improvising them on the spot (would not be possible without my talented bandmates!) and/or covers of songs from my life as a huge music fan, that are very emotionally charged and special to me.. Adrian Belew was such an inspiration musician when I was a lad, the noises and sounds he squonked out of his guitar blew my young mind, things like "Elephant Talk" and such, so you can imagine how much fun it is fover me to cover "Big Electric Cat " and then sculpt it into a "Transcendental Object", or "Aural Sculpture", if you will.......

Thursday, February 23, 2012

IAO Core: (the) singularity part 4: Hello Little Spark / Hallelujah

What appears as blackness in this case is a visual field so rich in data you can't see the florist for the bees. So just surrender and take things [It's not necessary to write this down -it will happen to you again, in the same way] shaggy muzzle of a perfunctory dispatch nuzzles your crotch and growls at the same time. Some will begin torso-miming the first act of a logistical play, startling and incestuous protective and cacoëpistic, so pretty and artistic, vernacular and déclassé little flyers.

I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Sunday, February 19, 2012

(the) singularity (live event) part 3 Damien/ TMATLAWFP

one of my favorite "singularity' moments, the classic Legendary Pink Dots song,
with all due respect to Mr. Edward KaSpel. I love the acoustics in the Grand Ballroom
which is in Oakland, California, which may or may not be the arsehole of the Metaverse, but one thing is certain: Art of this almost other-worldly nature could not be created within the confines of the civilized world. It is Art that pleads a kind of lost divine madness a its guiding inspiration. the center will make itself known to those who will be a part of it there and who will find their way there and those who are to be a part of it in another location will also respond to the gravitational pull of Love in evolution, embracing the death of the false, for the endless perpetuation of the real, via the mysterious process of change, which is the dance performed by that which is immortal in us …and is the perceptible part of the divine in demonstration of it. In any case, help is on the way. Endure and believe, because, whatever happens is supposed to happen, because evil is in the process of destroying itself; however they do it, let them do it. Get out of their way. Believe me…. They will be running for the fire doors. Step aside. You know what? Don’t listen to me. You can do as you like. Do something. Don’t do something. Enjoy listening to the new Iao Core album. “Singularity“. The ball is either in your court or the dealer wants to know if you would like a card. I can’t make that decision for you but based on what I have experienced, read about, dreamed …and… that inexplicable thing. I think you are going to be okay if you are and if you are not; then there’s still time because you are reading this.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(the) singularity (release event) will take place on Friday, February 17th

The legendary IAO Core, purveyors of epic noise rock delicacies, perform live in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Lake Merritt Lodge in Oakland, to promote their 23rd album,"(the) singularity". The "songs", newly formed in atom smashers, are like albino dachshunds charging out from the catacombs into the brilliant embrace of the sky which stands for a moment on a guitar string, strung out on the background of something very continuous. ("String theory" need not be altogether esoteric.) You can have the whole enchilada. It awaits you in beckoning repose. As well as download, three physical formats of the album will be available. Alongside the standard CD release, there will be a limited double pack CD including a recording of the acoustic set from January's "(the) singularity (event)". A real treat is in store for all the vinyl junkies out there as "(the) singularity" will also be released on a limited edition vinyl LP. More details will follow soon including an interview with Johannes about the album...All due respect to the following "singularity" incarnations: The Magus (Johannes Ayres); The Reaper (Luke Skeels); Emperor Agni (Corey Christopher); Mistress Fortune (Rimi Ghose); The Jesters (Seofon and Travis T. Cortez); and The Sonne (Kris Force). This ritual is brought to you by IAO Core.