Sunday, February 19, 2012

(the) singularity (live event) part 3 Damien/ TMATLAWFP

one of my favorite "singularity' moments, the classic Legendary Pink Dots song,
with all due respect to Mr. Edward KaSpel. I love the acoustics in the Grand Ballroom
which is in Oakland, California, which may or may not be the arsehole of the Metaverse, but one thing is certain: Art of this almost other-worldly nature could not be created within the confines of the civilized world. It is Art that pleads a kind of lost divine madness a its guiding inspiration. the center will make itself known to those who will be a part of it there and who will find their way there and those who are to be a part of it in another location will also respond to the gravitational pull of Love in evolution, embracing the death of the false, for the endless perpetuation of the real, via the mysterious process of change, which is the dance performed by that which is immortal in us …and is the perceptible part of the divine in demonstration of it. In any case, help is on the way. Endure and believe, because, whatever happens is supposed to happen, because evil is in the process of destroying itself; however they do it, let them do it. Get out of their way. Believe me…. They will be running for the fire doors. Step aside. You know what? Don’t listen to me. You can do as you like. Do something. Don’t do something. Enjoy listening to the new Iao Core album. “Singularity“. The ball is either in your court or the dealer wants to know if you would like a card. I can’t make that decision for you but based on what I have experienced, read about, dreamed …and… that inexplicable thing. I think you are going to be okay if you are and if you are not; then there’s still time because you are reading this.

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