Sunday, November 4, 2012

IAO Core Live at Red Rocks

this was our second time playing the mythic Red Rocks, the first time was/and is featured in our epic road film “Magickal Media Terrorism Tour”. This was also our first performance with Denver based percussion phenom, T.S. Anubis.... Thus the second set jamboreebop “Party and Play Perfectly Clear Elf Flamethrower” is truly outstanding for it's merciless drum antics … but before this is explored further, certain definitions need to be established just for clarity. Drumming is tricky stuff after all, and the in-built ambiguity of language also contributes to easily missing the many facets of the drum conundrum. So let us first define what is meant by “drumming”‘In this instance, what is meant is the ability of a human in the sense of body, mind and consciousness, leaving a point in time, hereafter labeled the Point of Temporal Origin (PTO), and then ‘arriving’ within a different temporal destination. In this definition, any movement in space is not considered as a key component of drumming , though it may certainly occur as a side effect.