Tuesday, May 24, 2011

performing Doomsday Passes: Earth Intact part 2

Saturday's Rapture Fail was one of best shows in a while, my guitar antics where like a chemical fountain flooding the parlour of grace, in your ear, on the sides of your face... The idea of a Metaversal (or zero point, background) substance which flows into all of form, is not only championed by Einstein, but also by every religion that ever stood the test of time. Even cloistered nuns must know what I'm talking about. The "songs" newly formed in atom smashers, were like albino dachshunds charging out from the catacombs into the brilliant embrace of the sky which stands for a moment on a guitar string, strung out on the background of something very continuous. ("String theory" need not be altogether esoteric.) which sets the morphic resonant key code sites on or off in the DNA ladder... which is not a single twist, but a helix on a helix on a helix (Sobbing and laughing from the fjord to the whorehouse),... like the industrialized anthems of some tuned in, tweaked out Tibetian horn blasting it’s call out the left nostril of our Lord. Even oystered buns must know what I'm spreadin on 'em.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Raptureal estate agents recorded live from tomorrow

Suck away the dross and clutter of this virulent cultural undermind rampant with dubious sampled notions and half-digested leftover memetic visions. Only then will the dragonflies venture to mate on your scalp. Only then will the provisional gods you’ve held behind plexiglas step forth with new recipes for meringue soufflĂ©, and heaven knows what other wonders. You’re bound for the paddocks and the Judas Goat; bound for the killing floor. All Hell is about to break loose and it never occurs to you that Bad Jesus is wearing horns; performing auto erotica and cheering you on. “Mom, Jesus is exposing himself to me. He wants me to get in his Hummer and go for a ride”.

Doomsday Passes:Earth Intact (once again)

What we have, right here, right now, is more than a Deluxe Concert, put on by the coolest band in the World, it is a direct attack upon chance biological circumstance It is a howling, screaming, blood curdling denunciation of every past, present, and future bigotry, real or imagined tearing at our throats and hearts with its ruthless honesty and vitriolic integrity. IAO Core is and always will be a call to arms for all those wandering, idealistic, nomadic souls wounded by inherited dogmas, primitive moralities and mindless fundamentalist ignorance of any and all persuasions anywhere, at any time, across this entire wonderful, vandalized, and unjustly suffering planet.. We’re in for something special… and the prospect is keeping the majority of the audience inside the earths atmoshere , calmly, watching the stage with expectant patience; In the end, though, IAO Core wipe the floor with all opposition when it comes to metatextual references to earlier cultural movements and scenes. Their stage show manages to mash up the scary-masks-and-scary-voices of heavy metal’s more theatrical end with the layered and hyperreal multimedia barrage of fin de siecle cyberculture circa 1999, all soundtracked by an intense and largely seamless set of synthetic aural brutality, at turns subtle and savage, chilly, reserved, raging and self-destructive.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

IAO Core: Live in Barcelona 2010

This performance demands an unusual, but pleasing perspective of its listnership. The Metaverse you are now entering…...a colour, Pirouette, Bronyaur (Page),…assembled in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, is not part of the lowest common denominator, ultra commodified, faux culture within which we are usually immersed. Naturally, and I choose that word with care aforethought, this is not just a good suspension of collusion (by which I suggest our everyday submissive acceptance of so called consensus reality) but it is a psychic purge, and a revelation, beneficial, to our potential identification of, and with our own private and unique concealed Self.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Golden Brown: from Live on the Pharm...

Iao Core covering Golden Brown seems paradoxical in that the main body of its information was given to our present selves by our future Self in order to load the dice in favor of its own manifestation. One of the reasons this happened is that we are on our own for the present. The benign influences of the older races have been suspended for this coming-of-age Initiation ordeal that we’are experiencing. We are allowed to talk to ourself, however. Never a frown!