Monday, July 19, 2010

British Scholar Claims to Have Unlocked Plato's Musical and Mathematical Code

British Scholar Claims to Have Unlocked Plato's Musical and Mathematical Code

If you’ve seen the Iao Core movie “Magickal Media Terrorism Tour”* you know that the character Johnny (who is supposed to be me, but in the film is portrayed by Crispin Glover) believes himself to be the re-incarnation of the Greek musician/mathematition Pythagoras. The society which he led, half religious and half scientific, followed a code of secrecy, which certainly means today Pythagoras is a mysterious figure (accounts of his physical appearance are likely fictitious, except the description of a striking birthmark Pythagoras had on his thigh, which, like the birthmark on my own thigh, is shaped like a Fender Stratocaster) So anywho, recently a British scholar claims to have unlocked the Pythagoras mathmatical/ musical code, having discovered it in the works of Plato, but as anyone familiar with Iao Core’s M.M.T.T. will know, this is what Johnny claims to have done in a film we released 3 years ago. Life imitating Art (imitating Life) hmmmmmmmmmmm....

*We showed "Iao Core's Magickal Media Terrorism Tour" in a large revival style tent outside each venue we played on our 2003 tour. I suppose it's due for a re-release... By the way, all of Crispin Glover's shots/scenes/dialogue where lifted from his other movies including "Willard" "Bartelby" and "ChARLIES aNGELS 2" and cleverly (if I do say so myself) edited into the film. He came to the LA show and was quit impressed and said it was his best performance in a film he wasn't in......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"In every dreamhome a heartache", Sonar Festival, Barcelona ...

How I Spent my Summer Vacation by Johannes Ayres Esq.
One of the Three Songs i sat in on with my heroes
Roxy Music at Sonar this year... also played on Virginia Plain,
and The well as a stellar set with my own band, Iao Core
earlier that afternoon... before you go thinking how prestigious to
be filling the shoes of Brian Eno, let me just say.. Mr. Ferry and Mr. Eno
hate each other passionately.. In Eno's song "Dead Finks Don't Talk"
the "headless chicken who's teeth take so much kickin'" is a reference
to you know who. I believe the idea this time round (2010 tour) was to use a different
"nobody" at every show to play the Eno parts in the songs recorded during
Eno's tenure in R.M. as a way of showing how insignificant the 801 was....
If they could have found a chimp that could twiddle the knobs on a synthesiser
while wearing a blonde wig, they surely would have gone with that over me....
Did I care? What do you think?


Virginia Plain