Monday, March 22, 2010

What do you mean "Iao Core" ?

The story behind the band's name is a source of
speculation because Johannes has given multiple
explanations behind its origins. Some of the
Acronyms that have appeared in print are:

Is Apocalypse Over-rated? Consult Our Resident Ectoplasma.
Is Artiface Ours? Consider Our Recorded Evidence.
It’s Absurdly Obvious, Converted Occultists Relapse Eventually
I’ve Amplifed Our Carnival Organ’s Resonant Echo
In Assuming Our Collusion, Obsolete Regimes Err.
Invisible Armed Opratives Converge Over Ruined Embassies

also from a review of the "Musick for the Lifeboat" album which appeared in Spun magazine in 1994 comes this possible meaning.........

These last two tracks demonstrate for the first time the formula for which the iao core will use continously throughout their music making career, particularly during the last set of every live show, and that is this; After a rousing rhythmic jam comes the chaotic space improvisation section followed finally and epically with the rebirthing of the Core through rich harmonies and melody laden classics, either covers of others or their own “Hits”.replicating the classic stages of an LSD “trip”, (or sexual release, or spiritual rebirth) it is rumoured that this represnts the “occult” meaning of the word IAO, the unspeakable name of the god of the gnostics.

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