Thursday, March 25, 2010

and yet another review of Funktionlust

here's part of another review from Electronic Cottage…

Everybody always says Iao Core sound like they're on drugs, but I wouldn't know about that kinda thing. To me, they sound like guys who've somehow managed to retain the wide-awake naivety we're all born with. They absorb the fog and dust and snow and thunder-- the simple things that grown-up hands can tarnish -- then turn this scenery into songs that stand on their own, like nature. The band can make you notice virtue and strength in a rotten world, and if they achieve this only by ignoring the forest for the trees, so be it. Any band that can connect crazed bebop-skronk to "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Shes lost control" (like in their live shows) is privy to beautiful truths of which cynics should take heed. My favorite Iao Core CD is pretty much whichever one I'm listening to. Like Armadillidium Vulgare (98) and Doomsday Passes (01), the new Funktionlust is some sideways brand of art rock propelled by Gizmos prickly diamonds -rust guitar and Rimi's jagged hyperfunk bass, with Johannes staking his breathtaking claim to post-industrial -harmony. Funktionlust strikes me as tougher than Doomsday Passes less disjointed than Armadillidium Vulgare and catchier and more intricate than either.The title track kicks off the CD with heavy guitar figures that swirl like rainbows in curved air; "Liquified" ends the disc with a riff-swaggering space-blues that I suppose is the Iao Core's idea of Led Zep (sort of "Out On The Tiles" as done with Faust and Hawkwind). On the desolate plains between the extremes, the Iao Cores stand around staring at the stars, asking questions that have no answers. This music is private, hungry, reassuring, daring, and (despite aforementioned accusations otherwise) never dopey

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