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Transcript of Press Conference from 7:00 a.m. 12-21-2012 (7W10.12) The Standard Hotel, Los Angeles California

There will be many statements that are made in the following, that will require you to validate either the facts, or the conclusions derived from them on your own. Too many theories of too intricate or expansive a nature are involved for me to take time and space now to bring out all of their supporting details. So certain statements and observations will be made with no supporting material supplied as it is expected that motivated listener will explore the ideas in question on their own and reach conclusions that they find appropriate. Ladies and Gentleman of the Press, Los Angelino's, Extreme Futurists, what you can see (or would see) behind me as the sun rises over the City of Angels, is a direction in time and space... East, yes from our perspective here on planet Earth, for the Sun appears to rise in the East, but the Sun does not rise at all, it is the Earth that turns. Behind the Sun at this moment in time, if we were to step out of our own solar system , in what we call “the East” is the exact center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the direction of the constellation we call Sagittarius. This only occurs once every 28,000 years. If we re to step once again out beyond our local galaxy, we would see that in the same way, that on Earth behind hind the sun is the center of our galaxy, we would also see our galaxy is now aligned in the exact way as the first example, to the center of the Universe. This only happens once every 28, 000, 000 years.... I will pause for a moment to let that sink in.... What was just described to you was calculated over 2000 years ago by the Mayan people of what is now central america, by a culture without the benfit of modern Telescopes, Calculators, or Computers, and is testament to the Mayan's astronomical observational and computational skills.... remarkable is it not? Both the Mayan and the Egyptian civilizations knew that the pole of the sun takes 37 days to rotate and the equator of the sun takes only 26 days. End of the World? No. As my group of time-travelling sex-magicians posing as rockstars has pointed out many times in the past is; Doomsday Passes: Earth Intact. Apocalypse? Yes. Apocalypse means literally : ‘”to unveil, uncover”. The dance of the unveiling ones self, Calypso, gets it name from this. What is being un-covered now is of great signifigance to the species called Human. End of Time? Yes, at least the end of time as we know it. To shorten the huge list of things wrong in these strange times, suffice it to say that everything from the health of the oceans and atmosphere, to the behavior of the self appointed ruling elite is all screwed up. And that then brings us to 2012. Not simply the end of the Mayan Long Count 'calendar', but also a central focus of number codes in dozens of ancient myths that actually spanthe planet. the 2012 'end date' seemingly puts the capstone on our pyramid of changes noticeable on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. We at Metaversal Lightcraft want to announce at this time, much to displeasure of Pope Gregory, on who’s Gregorian calendar we are throwing out the window of our hotel room on this day, in the style of many rockers before us. We bring you the new metaversal 13 month calendar, a calendar that realizes that an hour made of sixty minutes maybe a good way to keep time on your watch, but a day made up of 24 hours is based on a completely different model and thus the two versions of an hour are incompatable. Our calendar, which will be explained in detail on our website, is both elegant, accurate, and easier to use. Noting that the word 'solstice' meaning to 'stand still' actually describes a specific astronomic event which is a 3/three day time in which the sun appears to rise in exactly the same spot on the horizon, it is curious indeed that the Long Count of the Mayan, actually meso-american cultures, would end on this day. It is also curious that the pope Gregory would have the long count actually end at 11:11 on today. Also curious is that the numeral reference sums to 11 (12-21-2012 = 11). These curiosities arise due to the encoding of knowledge into number patterns. As an instance, the number 11 at its base level of symbolism refers to the 'sun spot cycle' which is 11 (and some fractional part) years in length. Time is a label that humans have applied to the aggregate of many aspects of reality. Within the samskrta (sanskrit) based linguistic traditions which are just about half of the languages on planet earth, 'time' is actually a collection of individual aspect/attributes of the manifestation of reality. The early Greek reality descibers (philosophers) identified at least 2/two aspects of the collective we call 'time' in their discussions of chronos (measured or mechanistic time), and karios (the quality of a time/moment, the 'opportune' moment). The Taoist tradition going back to at least the 5/Five Bushel League years included 22/twenty-two identified aspects/attributes of reality that fell within the general category of 'time'. The Yogic school going back through the experimental stages of the formation of the Science of Yoga, had identified over 100/one-hundred aspect/attributes of time, though many of these also include the time-binding properties of what we call 'karma' in the collective, and karmans in the particulate. Time, from these views of reality, is not a 'river' carrying 'events' in a stream. The alternate understanding expressed in what can be labeled as the 'yogic' understanding of reality, 'time' is but part of the 'template' through which continuous creation expresses itself. This is to say, that in the 'continuous creation of universe, including me and you and everything in between' school of reality, 'time' is but a necessary component of the basic 'infrastructure' of reality. It must also be understood that in this view, 'time' is not a separate part of reality, nor is it a 'singular' part of reality. Make sense? Clear as brown goat butt in a howling dust storm? As a point of departure for this discussion of 'time' and the techniques of its use, we begin at the beginning, or the source of time. This is a tiny spot, waaay too small to be seen by the naked human eye, even likely way too small to be seen with any of our most advanced microscopes. This tiny tiny spot is at the absolute center of the universe. That it is also at the very center of the multiverse (all of the multitude of singular central points), is best left for another discussion. This small point contains all that is Source for what we call, 'reality' or 'the material world'. This Source is actually an energetic pulse that fires off at the rate of 22/twenty-two trillion times a second (in our understanding of what a 'second' actually is in the chronos meaning). Every single pulse, which is to say, all 22/twenty-two trillion pulses each and every second since the beginning of time, instantly travels in Non-Time/Space (aka - The Void to all the taoist/buddhists out there), to the center of all the galaxies within universe (and the multiverse....but again, for later). As there is no time in The Void, or Non-Space/Time, each of the pulses travels to the center of each of the galaxies simultaneously, and from there, also taking up no Time, each pulse spreads out to the center of each of the material bodies such as suns, and planets and stuff throughout the totality of that galaxy. It is this pulse, at the rate of 22/twenty-two trillion times a second, that 'regulates' the manifestation of time. As 'time' in the aggregate of all of its aspects/attributes is central to all conscious perception of motion, distance, and indeed, all forms of perception itself in any form of consciousness expressed in material universe, 'time' is thus the 'propellant' that causes consciousness to perceive. Stated another way just to be really confusing, without time, consciousness could not perceive any motion, any change, including the 'change' that is required within each of the senses of the body themselves. Thus 'time' as an integral aspect of perception within the consciousness manifesting in material universe, is what the pulse from the center of universe carries directly to consciousness. Looked at yet another way in an attempt at understanding, while it takes no 'time' for each of the pulses to expand through out each universe from the initial, and central pulse point, each of these pulses is a 'carrier' of time, in all its aspects and attributes. Yet, just to confuse the hell out of consciousness, these pulses from the center of universe, *are* consciousness itself, about to perceive itself, in the reflections of its own perception of itself as time. See...? This is the whole of the duality problem, the perceiver is the perceived and vice versa. However as far as Time, its nature and manipulation are concerned, not too relevant. Stated another way, the pulse at the center of continuous creation carries directly to consciousness, the necessary creation of 'time', at a universal level. This 'pulse of universal time' is, for most of consciousness in manifesting material world, not sensed, yet it forms a 'Metaversal Platform' for all of universe. The base pulse of continuous crea The whole of material reality is merely a giant collision of energy bouncing off itself at a huge multitude of frequencies, amplitude, and ranges. Some of these collisions of energies are extremely temporary such as radioactive decay or gamma radiation, others form standing wave patterns that persist over 'time'. Such persistent standing waves of collisions of energy include suns, solar systems, dust, dirt, humans, pigs, fishes, birds, planets, plants, pies, bacteria, and a multitude of other 'things' which all are 'alive' in the energetic sense, though some of which we consciousness-expressing-as-humans, might not recognize as being in the category of 'life'. Nonetheless, all of reality is but our perception of these energetic collisions filtered through 'time' into consciousness. It should be noted that this model fully supports the Terrance McKenna idea of an eschaton, or world-time ending. The eschaton is actually a predictable effect of the continuous creation/destruction model. As reality creates and destroys itself, it does so to allow for dynamism or movement, or change. Change allows for the growth of complexity, as does the nature of the underlying vibration fields that actually is material reality. It is a predictable part of reality that complexity would increase over time. Further the increase in complexity should proceed predictably toward a crescendo point, in so far as mind is concerned. This crescendo is probably associated with an increase in complexity of the perception of time such that an eschaton will be reached. Thereafter the ‘what’ of reality is anyone’s guess. The continuous creation/destruction model allows for travel in space without regard to time. Basically what happens is that the ‘location’ aspects for a body or being or device are ‘reset’ and then allowed to express themselves during the next pulse/pause period. Thus nearly, as far as mind is concerned, instant movement in space without experiencing the ‘time’ of the movement. At a very core level, such travel would occur outside of time, as it would happen at vibration levels beyond the ability for our mental processes to perceive. By the way, it can also be noted that such forms of travel would have an impact on the human body/mind that may have to be treated as a health issue. Most martial artists and meditators will confirm that they have encountered 'times' during which the experience of the quality of the 'time' was decidedly different than 'ordinary time'. This effect has been noted under many names, and is frequently discussed in the 'peak performance' genre of literature. However, the concepts usually expressed about 'qualitatively different experiences of time' within the sports/body world are usually focused on the ability to manipulate oneself into that peak performance zone which also seems to have a different feeling of time as it progresses. Within the meditation community, the altered perception of time state is the goal itself. Distinctly separating meditation from *any* form of 'contemplation' in which a linguistic or image is attempted to be maintained in the mind, and referring in the main to those forms of meditation typified by yogic, taoist, chan/zen practices, wherein the levels of vibratory consciousness are traversed/explored, it is worth noting that the meditation source material most frequently cites the 'time' quality aspect as both a primary, and the first of the 'extra sensory' abilities to develop. This new knowledge, which is really just an active appreciation of the experience of the variance in the quality of time, is primary as it continues to be refined through out the whole of the meditation experience. That it is also the first of these 'extra sensory' abilities also fits as the 'time' component of continuous creation is pulse based, therefore to 'climb out' of the limitations of your base form requires first the ability to be aware of more of the permutations of the base pulse than before. More on this in another discussion. Welcome to the Eschaton, to the Extreme Futurist Festival, to the New Aeon. Good luck to all humans, and remember, if the shit hits the fan, the elites will find themselves as 'spam in a can'. This gives new meaning to the old french peasant retort, of “'one day, we will all eat the rich'

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