Sunday, April 29, 2012

and here you may download (the) singularity (recording of live event) Set the Second

IAO Core (the) singularity (recording of live event) Set the Second

The songs in the Second Set: Damien, The Dogtower, Masterhit 3, Strange Powers, Property of Thieves, The Vargtimmon, MA'AT (Drumspace), Salvo after Salvo of Ripened Spores Burst into the Air, The Divine Invasion,
Up-Rising, The Immigrant Song

(the) singularity (live event) was recorded in January 2012 in the Grand Ballroom of the historic Lake Merritt Lodge in Oakland, CA. Avoid prolonged exposure to (the) singularity (live event) if under the influence of children under water and over.the counter cultural back drops into the cornea after a large meal..... Rinse and repeat if necessary....Do Not Panic Unless You Want.To....

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