Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live from Mosswood "The Rite of Venus" Part 7 of the Rites of E...

Ladies and gentlemen,as we rise out of the pit of unpleasant reflexes,let me remind you that IAO Core is ill-prepared to respond to any whiny little demands,so if you would kindly refrain from dying in your seats we shall all have a happier trip. Off to your left you will find the widely disputed "Arcade of the Horror of Fukishima". And on the - oh, sir, you'll have to stop that or I'll smite you into oblivion. What? No, the "B.P--o-Rama" tour was the eight fifteen, this is "Culture is to The World as the mind is to the Body". No, I don't think you can have that removed without severe trauma. Why don't you just put your hypno-goggles back on and settle down.The Holy IaooaI understand that within the Lightcraft are the Father and the Son, joy riding essentially, because they have the key. Who gave them the key? I did. IAO Core, legendary Purveyors of Noise Rock Delicacies, perform “The Rite of Venus“. The songs are "You Love Me” and “I Feel Closer” performed live in Oaksterdam on August 26, 2011. Open the Gaudì folds and release the thing.

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