Friday, April 29, 2011

The Core # 93 is ready for some "you readin' it" action!

Order from here or pick one up wherever finer underground art rags are sold....
Did I mention it comes with a free copy of the new IAO Core CD, "Live on the Pharm"?
Don't spend the morning in the living room, searching for the previous evening as though it were a dissevered cobra, the sections of which were hidden here and there about the room. . . No matter how cleverly you seek, however, you can't seem to find the head or the tip of its other extremity, the tail; so you are by no means certain of the creature’s real dimension, of how much there was left to uncover. Even when you check behind what we all thought to be the object which might most obviously conceal a clue— a curiously slashed landscape painting which hung at a disconcerting angle on the fruit-splattered wall— you'll find nothing but a pair of immaculate formal gloves nailed to the plaster.

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