Monday, April 22, 2013

free download IAOCORE: HOLI COLOUR FEST SET 2 4-10-13

the much anticipated Holi Fest Second Set live recording..... awesomely riffaramic, what with 3 guitar gods/bozos (ayres, nakamura, cortez) clamouring for attention, sometimes cohesively, sometimes punishingly, never boringly... Flight of the Bumble Bee in Hive Collapse Syndrome Suite, D.Bowie's Station to Station, it's either got it all or nothing else compares.. Come for the Colour fest, Enjoy the Cacaphony, stay for the Resurrection, Leave with blue balls.... or something else instead which interacts with all levels and is purely an electromagnetick harmonic, a harmony based on all the other levels coming together around a center. And the sun is the center eternally now and therefore timeless. The Sun never sets on itself. The evolution of the Metaversal song, what some refer to as the Great Work, has as its core the purpose of resonating this harmonic through your individual interactive Lightcraft.

SET 2 : Hello Little Spark, Station to Station, Flight of the Bumble Bee During Hive Collapse Syndrome, Hello Little Spark reprise, The Axe Lords Featuring Gorgazon’s Mischief, Drums/Space, Station to Station reprise, The Babysitter

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