Friday, May 20, 2011

Doomsday Passes:Earth Intact (once again)

What we have, right here, right now, is more than a Deluxe Concert, put on by the coolest band in the World, it is a direct attack upon chance biological circumstance It is a howling, screaming, blood curdling denunciation of every past, present, and future bigotry, real or imagined tearing at our throats and hearts with its ruthless honesty and vitriolic integrity. IAO Core is and always will be a call to arms for all those wandering, idealistic, nomadic souls wounded by inherited dogmas, primitive moralities and mindless fundamentalist ignorance of any and all persuasions anywhere, at any time, across this entire wonderful, vandalized, and unjustly suffering planet.. We’re in for something special… and the prospect is keeping the majority of the audience inside the earths atmoshere , calmly, watching the stage with expectant patience; In the end, though, IAO Core wipe the floor with all opposition when it comes to metatextual references to earlier cultural movements and scenes. Their stage show manages to mash up the scary-masks-and-scary-voices of heavy metal’s more theatrical end with the layered and hyperreal multimedia barrage of fin de siecle cyberculture circa 1999, all soundtracked by an intense and largely seamless set of synthetic aural brutality, at turns subtle and savage, chilly, reserved, raging and self-destructive.

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